Welcome to Horsting's Farm Market where home grown meets delicious! 

Open today from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM
  • Marker The Oasis in the Desert
  • Sandwich Build your own Sandwiches
  • Pie Fresh Homemade Pies and Bread
  • Homegrown Homegrown Fruits and Vegetables

U-Pick at Horsting's Farm Market

Planning your U-Pick Experience

Please call in advance to book your U-Pick time at 250-457-6546, or purchase tickets in advance online.

Decide on what size/amount of pails/bags you and your guests will require for your U-Pick

U-Pick pricing includes the fruit/flowers! We can process Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Cash and American Express! You must pay and show your receipt before entering the field or orchard

Sign the Horsting’s Farm Experience Waiver once you arrive (if applicable), and a staff member will happily escort you to the proper parking area, U-Pick fields or orchards!


Berry U-Pick

End of June until the frost arrives

Enjoy a berry fun outing with 
your family, friends or make it a solo adventure! Take in our Strawberry or Saskatoon Berry U-Pick experience at Horsting’s Farm Market. Pick some berries off the vine, visit the farm animals, play in the playground, have a picnic in the picnic area, or lunch on the deck. Enjoy a slice of pie, a milkshake, or ice cream! Try our 32oz container of our fresh pressed, hand shaken lemonade or strawberry lemonade. We also have caramel kettle corn, and delicious fudge made right here on farm!

Apple U-Pick

End of September until late fall

At Horsting's Farm, we begin our 
Apple U-Pick towards the end of September and offer a wide variety of apples throughout our orchard. What a perfect activity to bring the gang to enjoy, following up with a delicious sandwich or soup from our Cafe, then bringing your spoils home to make the perfect apple dessert with!

Not big into baking? We sell the most delicious homemade pies, in a variety of flavours. Visit our Farm Market or our Online Farm Shop to purchase pre-baked or frozen pies.

Sunflower U-Pick

Mid-summer until end of September

Sunsets on the Farm can be gorgeous and provide beautiful lighting, as does the golden lighting of earlier morning. Sunflower U-Pick field is a beautiful location for bridal parties, family get-togethers or other celebrations. Order a charcuterie box to make the occasion even more special!

There are over 20 varieties of sunflowers, and plenty of selfie opportunities! Be sure to bring your camera and have fun with the props!

Sunflowers before maturity turn to face the sun. This is called heliotropism. As they age and their seeds develop, they begin to droop. Depending on the timing of your visit, you may see a variety of sunflowers in different stages - enjoy the views!

Planning a special event, group outing or tour to the farm? Let us know ahead of time, and we'll help to make your group experience extra special!

Pumpkin U-Pick

Mid-September until end of October

When sunflower season ends, pumpkin season begins here at Horsting's Farm. We offer a massive variety of different shapes, sizes, colours, and types of pumpkins - located all throughout our Pumpkin Patch, in our Adventure Field, next to our Corn Maze. 

Admission to our Pumpkin Patch is included as part of admission to our Adventure Field; pumpkins are purchased by weight (depending on the variety of pumpkins you choose).

For those who are looking to purchase pumpkins without the Patch experience, we have a similar selection of pumpkins available in our Farm Market.

What to Expect During a U-Pick

For Strawberry & Saskatoon Berry U-Picks

  • Purchase your picking pail prior to entering the patch (please only use containers provided by the Farm)
  • Pricing for Strawberry U-Pick: $7+GST (for children ages 3-12) for a 1lb pail, and $25+GST(for adults) for a 5lb pail
  • Price for Saskatoon U-Pick is $21+GST for a 5lb pail

For Apple U-Picks

  • Pricing for Apple U-Pick: $10+GST for 5lb bag, $15+GST for 10lb bag, or $20+GST for 20lb bag (please only use bags provided by the Farm)

For Sunflower U-Picks

  • Pricing for Sunflower U-Pick: $35+GST for two people and includes a galvanized pail and liner for you to collect your flowers in and take home, as well as the use of clippers while you are here. (Each additional person pays Adventure Field admission.)

For Pumpkin U-Picks

  • Pricing for Pumpkin U-Pick: Admission to our Pumpkin Patch is included as part of admission to our Adventure Field; pumpkins are purchased by weight (depending on the variety of pumpkins you choose; listed on-site each season)

For ALL U-Picks

  • Illness prevention: Sanitize your hands before picking, and do not eat in the field
  • Be prepared for the weather! Bring a hat, sunblock, raincoat or umbrella if necessary
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes

During Your U-Pick Adventure

  • Please take photos of your experience and hashtag us at #horstingsfarmUPick
  • Watch for wildlife! We do have a variety of birds and other woodland creatures that call our Farm home (including important insects/pollinators)
  • Take your fruit home, wash and enjoy!

Pro Tip: What can you do with your fresh picked berries or apples? They make delicious jams, pies, fruit leather, muffins, are terrific in smoothies, as ice cream toppers, and can be frozen or dehydrated for later use. Dip in chocolate for an extra special treat! Check out our dip mixes, syrups, and sauces in-store or online for more ideas!