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Our Harvesting Schedule

The following is a list of fruits and vegetables grown by Horsting's, along with approximate harvest dates:

Asparagus - Last week of April
Potatoes - First week of June
Rhubarb - First week of June
Haskap Berries - Second week of June
Strawberries - Third week of June
Garlic Scapes - Third week of June
Saskatoon Berries - First week of July
Carrots - First week of July
Corn - First week of July
Beets - Third week of July
Pickling Cucumbers - Third week of July
Dill - July
Garlic - July
Melons - Last week of July
Tomatoes - Last week of July
Beans - First week of August
Peppers - First week of August
Apples - Third week of August
Gourds (Pumpkins/Squash) - September-October

Please Note: Dates are approximate, depending on weather/seasonal conditions. Please phone us ahead of time at 250-457-6546 to inquire about specific products (especially regarding harvests/stock).