Welcome to Horsting's Farm Market where home grown meets delicious! 

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About Horsting's Farm

Welcome to Our Farm

How it all began...

Two kilometers north of Cache Creek, British Columbia, on Highway 97, along the Bonaparte River sets the picturesque Horsting’s Farm. The farm location dates back to the early pioneer days and was originally the homestead to Judge Fred Calder and his family in the early 1900’s.

Decades later, the Horsting Family purchased the property and began selling fruits and vegetables at the roadside. Through the years that followed, as their local produce and fruit stand grew, along with their family, Mrs. Horsting began baking, and selling pies made fresh on the farm from fruit grown in the fields and orchards. The farm became much adored by the locals and travelers alike. They retired and sold the property, yet after only a few years it became vacant much to the sadness to the many customers who missed the farm...


The Family Behind Our Farm

The Family Behind Our Farm

About Us

Wholesome and farm fresh goodness is a way of life for this family-owned and operated Agri-tourism business.

The Shane family viewed this property that was once home to the Horsting’s Farm with a renewed vision. To not only bring it back to its former look, but to build upon the foundation of the original Horsting’s family farm. To revive the fields, orchards, market and bakery and to supply visitors and customers with high quality, nutritious food and to have a greenhouse filled with beautiful, lush plants, hanging baskets and planters for the planting season. A vision to stock the shelves with the famous potato bread, farm baked pies and cinnamon buns that customers had been enjoying for years and to bring in new tasty baked goods and treats.

Working closely with the original Horsting’s family, Marc & Dianne Shane and their family, as well as their nephew Ryan Nuyli and his soon-to-be bride Chelsey came to live and work on the farm. The dream began. With dedication and fortitude, they rebuilt the business and restored the quality and character of the farm. Adding their own knowledge, skill sets, and dreams, they begin to transform the farm, market and bakery. Visitors once again come from all over the world to enjoy a slice of pie, a wholesome meal and a peace of farm serenity.

Each year, more character and charm is revealed at the farm, inspiring locals, travelers, and new visitors to come experience the farm family’s hospitality, and the locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The joy of seeing happy faces, big smiles and laughs keeps the momentum going. The family and their team take great pride in everything they do and this passion shines through!


Marc & Dianne Shane

Chelsey & Ryan Nuyli

Our Mission

The mission of Horsting’s Farm Market is to continually provide our guests with an unforgettable & memorable farm experience, ‘that first smile feeling’ when you discover a new love – that is what we are. Our homegrown, home cooked farm to table food and our interactive country farm experience will absolutely feed the soul! We are family, we are kindness, we are fun, and we are always willing to make someone’s day. We are more than just a farm market; we are a destination to remember.