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How to Use a Plant Moisture Metre?

How to Use a Plant Moisture Metre?

Are you never quite sure if you actually water your plants? A moisture metre can be a great tool to help you out in times of doubt. Also, it’s a tool to get to know your plant’s needs a little bit better. Both overwatering and underwatering create problems for your plant’s health, so there’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra help from a tool like this!

How Does a Moisture Metre Work?

A moisture metre is a gadget that measures humidity in the soil. Often, it has a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being most dry and 10 being most wet. Sometimes, there’s a colour indicator as well, indicating the current moisture level.

How to Use a Moisture Metre?

  • First, you insert the probe into the soil, to around three quarters into the pot. On this level, it measures the soil moisture at the roots of the plant.
  • Consider the right zone for your plants. A cactus needs to be in the dry or red zone, while other plants need humid soil. For plants that need moist soil, the red zone clearly indicates that they need more water.
  • For outdoor plants such as shrubs, it’s very helpful to check their moisture level every now and then. When you’re working with a drip irrigation system, it’s a good idea to do this check-up to see if everything is set up properly.
  • For accurate measurements and a longer benefit of the moisture metre, monitor different plants frequently instead of leaving the metre in the plant.

More Tips on Using a Moisture Metre?

Do you want more information about moisture metres, watering your plants, fertilizing plants, or anything else? Visit one of our stores and our team will be happy to help you out with personal advice.